The Jessup site is our newest development.  Rebuilt on the site of the old development, these units offer the newest features and are in a quiet neighborhood in Jessup.  The streets in the site are Mary Jo, Ubaldo, Anthony and George drives. 

Jessup is a wonderfully ethnic and hard working community with retail and grocery stores in the immediate area.  Transportation is needed to get to these areas, and there is County Transportation (COLTS) also available.


Jessup new development


This area is a little different in that it has both Public Housing and Housing Choice Voucher units.  To be eligible for both units you must fill out two applications.  Please call our Public Housing application staff or our Housing Choice Voucher staff to find out more.  You can find both numbers on our “Contact” page.


There are a total of 76 units in this development the breakdown of the bedroom sizes is:

  • 1 bedroom      24
  • 2 bedroom      28
  • 3 bedroom      19
  • 4 bedroom       5

The office for the site is at 709 Mary Jo Drive.  There is also a spacious community room for various events or uses at this address.

The phone number for the office is: (570)382-3258

For more information on this or any other of our developments contact us or go to our application page to download a current application.

Our email is:

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