Dickson City

The borough of Dickson City is another area where we have two (2) developments.

  • There is one on Grier Street that is for senior citizens only.

Dickson 16

  • The second site is on Veterans Drive, another street within the development is Lukasik Drive.  This site is for both families and senior citizens.

Dickson City 10


The development on Grier Street (for seniors only) has 31 one (1) bedroom apartments.  The other street within the development is Laurel Drive.

This site is off Main Ave., however, transportation is needed to reach grocery stores, retail outlets, and pharmacies.  It is set in a very quiet neighborhood with parking for every unit.


The development on Veterans/Lukasik Drive has both senior citizen units and family units.  You must be 62+ to be eligible for the senior units.

This site is in a Dickson City neighborhood, but is within walking distance to some amenities within the area.  There is also a community room at this development.

The breakdown for the 69 units in this development is:

  • 0 bedroom                             10
  • 1 bedroom                             40
  • 2 bedroom                             12
  • 3 bedroom                              7


The phone numbers for these sites are:

  1. Dickson City Grier Street (seniors only)                   (570)383-2210
  2. Dickson City Veterans Drive (seniors and family)  (570)373-2426


Applications for both of these developments can be downloaded from this site by going to our Applications page.  You can also get one by stopping by our office on 2012 W. Pine Street, Dunmore.

For more information email:email10



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