We have three (3) unique and separate developments in the borough of Olyphant.  They are:

  1. Kimberly Circle             – Located off Garfield Ave. (Burke Bypass)
  2. Olyphant at Grant St.  – off Main St. on Susquenanna, Bosak, Grant, and                                             Willow Sts.
  3. Walsh Plaza                   – Located off Garfield Ave. (Burke Bypass)


Kimberly Circle has 30 units. It is a family site. Transportation is needed to visit the many grocery stores, restaurants, retail stores and pharmacies in the Olyphant area.  COLTS (County of Lackawanna Transportation) bus routes run conveniently throughout Olyphant to malls in the area and downtown Scranton.

The breakdown of the bedrooms in this site are:

  • 1 bedroom       4
  • 2 bedroom       8
  • 3 bedroom     14
  • 4 bedroom       4



The Olyphant site at Grant Street is only for senior citizens (62+).  All units (60) are located in a quiet neighborhood in Olyphant right in the middle of downtown Olyphant.  This development is very close to all retail stores, churches, pharmacies and grocery stores.  The bus system runs convenient routes for anyone wanting to get around Lackawanna County.

There is a Community Room that is conveniently located and used by many different groups.


The breakdown of the bedrooms in this site is:

  • 0 bedrooms                               26
  • 1 bedroom                                 34


Walsh Plaza is a family development.  It is located in a neighborhood that is off the busy thoroughfare through Olyphant.  There, again, are ample bus routes to any local shops or malls.  There are also basketball, baseball and playgrounds in the vicinity.

The bedroom breakdown of the 50 unit in Walsh Plaza are:

  • 1 bedroom          10
  • 2 bedroom          20
  • 3 bedroom          10
  • 4 bedroom          10


Applications for any of these sites can be found on this web site, the Application page.  You can also get an application at our main office at 2019 W. Pine St., Dunmore.

The offices’ phone numbers are:

Kimberly Circle                (570)489-8640
Olyphant at Grant St.      (570)489-8531
Walsh Plaza                     (570)383-2881

If you have any further questions you can email us at:




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